Wednesday, December 10, 2014


“Meditation can help us embrace our worries, our fear, our anger; and that is very healing. We let our own natural capacity of healing do the work.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
Chances are you’ve heard of meditation before, but do you really understand what it is?
It seems that a lot of people have this set image of what meditation should be in their minds… That you have to sit in complete silence with your legs crossed, arms on the knees, hands out with palms facing upward with your pointer finger and thumb touching as you stare at the back of your eye lids until some prophetic message comes to you.
I’m not here to tell you that specific technique is wrong, I’m here to tell you that the image of expectancy you have for the experience should be dropped if you wish to truly experience a blissful and worry free moment that is meditation.


Simply put in my own terms, meditation is relinquishing the need to control a moment. It is about accepting everything as it is, and finding inner peace in the moment. It is about the shifting of one’s awareness to a new state.


Meditation has countless benefits ranging from physical to emotional, and of course spiritual. With the belief in yourself and your thoughts, and the awareness that you manifest your own reality you literally have the universe at your fingertips during mediation.
You can manifest the life you desire with the right amount of love and belief; and this isn’t magic I’m talking about… It’s physics. The law of attraction clearly states that you attract what you think about; and since the reality you perceive consists of your thoughts, you are living in the reality that you built for yourself… This is something that many people struggle to realize, and can’t quite grasp.
But if you don’t believe it and need proof, look at your own life. Have bad things happened to you? Sure. But ask yourself, is that only because you consider them bad? If you took away the adjective ‘bad’ what are you left with? Things have happened to you. Neither good or bad. It is the thought association with these situations we create in our minds that shape our perspective and due to the law of attraction, our ensuing reality.

By looking at everything that’s happened to us as holding us back, we’re creating excuses to stay stagnant in life instead of progressing. As a society we’re portraying ourselves as victims because we find it easier than accepting that we brought this upon ourselves through our subconscious thought patterns. Through meditation one can disassociate themselves from the labels society loves to put on things and break free from social conditioning.


Nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. Expectations limit the potentiality of an event for you’re only paying awareness to a specific outcome; which according the the law of attraction, will be the outcome that manifests… This applies to everything, even meditation.

It’s quite ironic, how the single most profound form of emptiness has taken on such substance. Everyone wants to be a guru, and everyone wants to tell you how to do it right. Well my friends, there is no wrong or right; there only is… and it is whatever you make of it.

Myself, I like to leave labels out of situations entirely. For that creates a mental image of what that thing is to me as opposed to what it really is, hence limiting the potentiality said situation has of changing from my perspective because I already see it as something else.


Inner peace doesn’t always mean silencing that inner voice… Because if it’s saying something, you’d be wise to listen. Your every thought that runs through your mind is there for a reason; most of which we aren’t even aware of. But I assure you, everything that makes itself known to you is being manifested into your life for a reason.

That being said, thoughts need not be silenced nor ignored; but rather embraced and paid awareness to…. Take heed though, there is a difference between paying awareness to thoughts and feeding them. Feeding a thought is when you dwell on it and continue to justify reasons why it’s right or wrong.

Paying awareness is when you do not associate with the thought as coming from the physical self, but rather the influence the thought has in terms of progressing the specific perspective of one of many fractals of the source that is consciousness.

In Layman’s terms; instead of focusing on what the content of the thought may be, focus on the reason why the thought has made itself known at this particular moment in time.


I think one of people’s favorite things to say to me when they don’t get the results that they wanted out of mediation is “I think I’m doing it wrong,” or “I just can’t figure out how to do it right.”
Once again, there is no wrong or right… So you’re not doing as bad as you think you are. Once the mental image of what it should be is released, you will be able to do the same exact routine only with a more evolved understanding of it which allows you to get more out of the experience.
Everything comes to us exactly when we need it, so there is no need to judge or look down upon someone who you feel doesn’t comprehend something you believe to understand. Everyone is having the experience they need at this very moment, which is exactly why everyone has different experiences with meditation.

There are countless techniques, none of which are wrong or less effective than any other. Judging someone for doing something different than you will never allow you the opportunity to see that situation through another perspective; objective thinking is critical to a more diverse understanding.


Just be. Short, sweet, and to the point right? Some people might laugh and scoff at this statement; proclaiming me just another hippie who thinks they know what they’re talking about, or some guru who thinks he knows it all… But depending on your level of awareness the two little simplest words can either have a profound effect on you, or not even resonate at all as your eyes scroll past the letters before your brain gets the chance to contemplate the meaning.
Depending on how you perceive things, your ideal meditation might be one of many things; such as listening to music, playing your favorite sport, performing on stage, doing yoga, or the traditional sitting alone in a dark silent room. There are countless ways to meditate, you just have to pick one and go into the experience with the mindset that whatever comes up in this moment is essential to your growth and development as a soul.

Details from: The Divine Society

Thanks & Regards,
S.Garce Paul Regan

Saturday, December 6, 2014

We Attract !

It simply states that we attract whatever we think about, good or bad.

Oprah is a fan of the law and devoted an episode of her show to how it could change lives.

Whether or not you believe in the power of the universe, there is scientific research that proves the effects of positive thinking.

Here are the 12 most compelling elements of The Law Of Attraction

1.You attract good or bad experiences based on your thoughts.

2.Thinking about something means you invite it in, even if you don't want it.

3.The more you focus on something, the more powerful it becomes.

4.It's better to trust your emotions than over-think a decision.

5.You can make good things happen more quickly by thinking about them more.

6.To make a change, you've got to see things as you hope them to be, not as they are.

7.Spend 15 minutes every day thinking hard about your goals, dreams and what you want from life, it will increase your chance for success.

8.Success isn't a finite resource; everyone can have it.

9.Don't allow yourself to wallow in disappointment.

10.Avoid TV shows that deal with negative experiences like crime or illness.

11.Know that your relationships with people are bad because you made them that way.

12.Don't worry about what you're dreaming; instead use your dreams as a guide.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Build a Strong Relationship

Relationship plays a major role in our life. It is often said that the quality of our life is determined by the quality of our relationship.

Here are 10 ways to create true intimacy, find pure love, and be truly happy in your relationship:

1. Use relationships to teach you how to be whole within.

Relationships aren’t about having another person complete you, but coming to the relationship whole and sharing your life interdependently. By letting go of the romantic ideal of merging and becoming “one,” you learn to love the distances in relationship as much as the togetherness.

2. See your partner for who he or she really is.

The romantic tragedy occurs when you view the person you are in love with as a symbol of what they have come to represent, the idea of them. When you realize that more often than not you don’t really know your partner, you begin to discover who they are and how they change and evolve.

3. Be willing to learn from each other.

The key is to see the other as a mirror and learn from the reflection how you can be a better person. When you feel upset, rather than blame your partner and point fingers, remain awake to what has yet to be healed in yourself.

4. Get comfortable being alone.

In order to accept that love can’t rescue you from being alone, learn to spend time being with yourself. By feeling safe and secure to be on your own within the framework of relationship, you will feel more complete, happy, and whole. Living in  solitude is an art learn it and practice it you will start to love it.

5. Look closely at why a fight may begin.

Some couples create separateness by fighting and then making up over and over again. This allows you to continue the romantic trance, creating drama and avoiding real intimacy. If you become aware of what you fear about intimacy, you’ll have a better sense of why you’re fighting—and likely will fight far less.

6. Own who you are.

We generally grasp at romantic love because we’re yearning for something that is out of reach, something in another person that we don’t think we possess in ourselves. Unfortunately, when we finally get love, we discover that we didn't get what we were looking for.

True love only exists by loving yourself first. You can only get from another person what you’re willing to give yourself. The love that comes from external is still an external feeling that you need to reach out to.

7. Embrace ordinariness.

After the fairy-dust start of a relationship ends, we discover ordinariness, and we often do everything we can to avoid it. The trick is to see that ordinariness can become the real “juice” of intimacy. The day-to-day loveliness of sharing life with a partner can, and does, become extraordinary.

8. Expand your heart.

One thing that unites us is that we all long to be happy. This happiness usually includes the desire to be close to someone in a loving way. To create real intimacy, get in touch with the spaciousness of your heart and bring awareness to what is good within you.

It’s easier to recognize the good in your partner when you’re connected to the good in yourself.

9. Focus on giving love.

Genuine happiness is not about feeling good about ourselves because other people love us; it’s more about how well we have loved ourselves and others. The unintentional outcome of loving others more deeply is that we are loved more deeply.

10. Let go of expectations.

You may look to things such as romance and constant togetherness to fill a void in yourself. This will immediately cause suffering. If you unconsciously expect to receive love in certain ways to avoid giving that love to yourself, you will put your sense of security in someone else.

Draw upon your own inner-resources to offer love, attention, and nurturance to yourself when you need it. Then you can let love come to you instead of putting expectations on what it needs to look like.

Have a wonderful day!

I have drafted the above post from various ideas discussed over by different web sites. 

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan

Monday, August 4, 2014

An Interview With God

Simple Facts which has got deep meaning about Human Life !

Man: What surprises you most about human kind.

God: That they get bored with childhood they rush to grow up and then long to be children again.
That they lose their health to make money and then lose their money to restore their health.

That by thinking anxiously about the future they forget the present such that they live in neither the present nor the future.

They live as if they will never die and die as though they had never lived.

Thanks & Regards,
S.Grace Paul Regan. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

Seven Brilliant Quotes From Famous people - Can Brighten Your Day

    Never play with the feelings of others because you may win the game but the risk is that you will surely lose the person for a life time.” – Shakespeare

    “The world suffers a lot. Not because of the violence of bad people. But because of the silence of good people.” – Napoleon

    “I am thankful to all those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I did it myself.” – Einstein

    “If friendship is your weakest point then you are the strongest person in the world.” – Abraham Lincoln

    “We must learn to live together as brothers or we will perish together as fools.” – Martin Luther King

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi

    “It is very easy to defeat someone, but it is very hard to win someone.” – Dr Abdul Kalaam

    Live Creative !

    Put the below thoughts in to your sub-conscious mind by reading and imaging the below quotes when ever you get some time, You will not know when these simple quotes have influenced you to do great things.

    What is a life without creativity?

    I believe a life free from creativity is a life free from joy. Our creativity is the essence of who we are. We have a responsibility to ourselves and to the world to feed from our personal well of inventiveness and imagination. But what can you do when your inner person stand against you? (you against you)

    Here are 24 creativity quotes that may bring your inner person out to play.

    • “The chief enemy of creativity is good sense” – Pablo Picasso
    • “Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try” – Dr. Seuss

    • “True intelligence operates silently. Stillness is where creativity and solutions to problems are found” – Eckhart Tolle

    • “Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it” – Dee Hock

    • “Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

    • “Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” – Pablo Picasso

    • “You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not’?” – George Bernard Shaw

    • “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” – Scott Adams

    • There is no use trying,” said Alice. “One can’t believe impossible things.” “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Lewis Carroll

    • “If you hear a voice within you say, ‘You cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.” – Vincent van Gogh

    • “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it” – Salvador Dali

    • “Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts” – Rita Mae Brown

    • “Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett

    • “The world is but a canvas to the imagination.” — Henry David Thoreau

    • “Don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It’s self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can’t try to do things. You simply must do things” – Ray Bradbury

    • “We will discover the nature of our particular genius when we stop trying to conform to our own and other people’s models, learn to be ourselves and allow our natural channel to open.” — Shakti Gawain

    • “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

    • “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” — Maya Angelou

    • “The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.” — John Maynard Keynes

    • “From 30,000 feet, creating looks like art. From ground level, it’s a to-do list” – Ben Arment

    • “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” – Pablo Picasso

    • “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star” – Nietzsche

    • “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources” – Albert Einstein

    • “To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” – Osho

    • So live life a little more today, dance, sing, play and love. See the beauty in life and you will bring out the beauty from within.

    Cheers !
    S.Grace Paul Regan

    Thursday, April 11, 2013

    Enjoy Solitude !

    “We must become so alone, so utterly alone, that we withdraw into our innermost self. It is a way of bitter suffering. But then our solitude is overcome, we are no longer alone, for we find that our innermost self is the spirit, that it is God, the indivisible. And suddenly we find ourselves in the midst of the world, yet undisturbed by its multiplicity, for our innermost soul we know ourselves to be one with all being.” (Hermann Hesse)

    “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast, or a god.” (Francis Bacon)

    “The more powerful and original a mind, the more it will incline towards the religion of solitude.” (Aldous Huxley)

    “I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude.” (Henry David Thoreau)

    “In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.”  (Albert Camus)

    “Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.”  ( Ralph Waldo Emerson)

    How to Be Happy Alone!
    My experience with this challenge started several years ago. I work as a software consultant, Most of the time hundreds of kilometers away from my family, major cities, known people. Sometimes I had to reside in a luxurious home all alone in a lonely country that doesn’t least relate to my culture or character, the worst part is with restricted communication with your loved ones.

    I was not a person who is used to isolation in my past life before I started to experience deserted loneliness. I was considered to be the most active, talkative and entertaining person among my friends, for me to enter in to an isolated atmosphere was a cruel punishment.

    At first, I found the solitude unbearable. I can definitely say this wasn’t a fun experience, but it did teach me a valuable lesson about how to enjoy my time alone.

    Knowingly and un-knowingly I started to work on my internal life, I was able to not only bear the solitude, but actually enjoy it. Even now that I have many friends and relatives who I keep in touch constantly, I still benefit from the lessons I learned enjoying solitude. It gave me an inner calm and independence that means that, although I place value in relationships and work to improve them, I don’t feel desperate to stay in any friendship or relationship that doesn’t fulfill me.

    If you’re caught in the same situation I was, I feel there are two steps you can take to turn it around:
    1.      Learn to draw contentment from your time alone.
    2.      Look at the world around you without having a narrow minded “Family” border for your thought.
    Each approach on its own is insufficient. If you only work on drawing contentment from your time alone, that approach can be unsatisfying if you still feel isolation is forced upon you. But if you start to look at your surroundings (not your loved ones – wife, kids, parents, brother, sister), look around you in a border perspective, you will start to find and realize where you are in this universe (Socially, Financially, Physically, Mentally, Habitually) now you can enjoy the present while increasing your options for the future.

    1.Loneliness is a physiological mirage created by you!

    In my opinion, a great deal of the pain caused by loneliness is due to a lack of control.

    Solitude is easy to enjoy when it isn’t forced. I think most people enjoy a few hours or even a few days to themselves if their regular lives are full of activity and are irritated by their family surroundings. In fact, many people confuse family relationships will worsen if you start to enjoy solitude in but really it works vice versa, which shows that solitude isn’t universally bad.

    But when you lack control over your situation, solitude becomes loneliness. If you feel your isolation wasn’t chosen, and you can’t control it, that feel can be unbearable.

     The key, in my opinion, to regaining enjoyment in solitude and reducing loneliness, is to regain some control over the physiological loneliness created by your mind !
    Part of that control can come from simply improving your social life directly. If you practice your social skills directly, that can boost your feeling of control and make the world seem less isolating, even if you’re still finding it difficult.

    However, for some people this process will be slow or difficult. It may be hard for you to make new friends or view your surroundings with a wider angle, either because you are emotionally depressed with the feeling of loneliness, or because you are stuck in a lousy situation, such as working at an isolating, irritating  job or drinking to ease the effect of loneliness.  

    2. Sculpting your inner world.
    The remarkable enlighten for me in learning to enjoy solitude was in improving my inner world first. I may have had difficulties controlling my solitude from the outside, but I could control my inner world so that it would be more pleasant to live in.

    For an example, imagine tummy fat is constantly growing month after the other. You have two options: you can look yourself at the mirror and feel bad for how un-healthy you look or you can start up with an exercise and diet plan to reduce the present tummy fat and to avoid future tummy fat build up which will be more comfortable to live with.

    The first approach is directly working on your external environment; the latter is perfecting your inner world.

    I’m sure you’ve seen wandering poor people in the streets who can live without people, shelter or food for days. People who seem at peace and self-content, despite total isolation and harsh conditions. While stories of these people may be somewhat exaggerated, I think they are a wonderful example of the benefits of building a strong inner world.

    When the scaffolding of your inner life is strong, you can be comfortable in almost any environment.

    Just as there are many ways to build a house, there are many ways to build the foundation of your inner life. However, I’m going to suggest three, as these have been the most successful for me in my own life:
    1.      Control over your inner life
    2.      Enthusiasm  the Creative drive
    3.      Control the meaning in your life
    4.      Draft a pathway for your dreams

    1.Control over your inner life
    One way you can gain more control over your inner life is to bring more options to it. I’ve found building a routine centered on activities I care about is one of the best ways to turn otherwise painful isolation into enjoyable solitude.

    I usually do this by installing new habits. For me, activities I care about are exercising, working on personal projects, Biblical research, reading, learning new skills, thinking about the poor & orphans and dreaming. You can build a habit out of any of these activities by committing to do the habit every day for at least one month. Those habits will then run more or less automatically.
    The side-effect of choosing this route to enjoying solitude is that it usually improves other areas of your life as well. When I did this, I found my productivity increased, my physical fitness went up dramatically and I read hundreds of books in just a few years.
    Even now, when I have a longer period without as much human contact, I am far happier with an ordered personal life. That order allows you to stay active and engaged, even when your brain would rather shut down from the lack of family stimulus. The order also provides a sense of peace that comes from knowing you are in control of your world.

    2. Enthusiasm the Create drive
    Another way to improve your inner life is to build a fire of enthusiasm for something. If you have a passion or sense of meaning for your daily routine, any temporary isolation is far easier to enjoy. I’ve found the best way to create a drive is to set goals and plans of action to accomplish them. The goals need to be tied to something you have an interest in, but the act of creating the plan can often start a cycle of motivation.
    If you already have goals, focusing on your goals can enable you to enjoy solitude more. I always found, even in my most isolated moments, that when I recaptured the idea of what I really wanted out of life, I felt much better. Goals can’t replace having a social life, but they can allow you to push through a temporary patch of isolation.
    This route can sometimes be difficult if you aren’t sure where to start, so if you aren’t sure what might interest you enough to work passionately on it, try starting with one of the other paths.

    3. Control the meaning in your life
    You might not be able to control every part of your life, but you can control the meaning in your life. If you can create a purpose for your current isolation, that doubles your strength in moving through any obstacle. For me, I decided the meaning of my current isolation was to allow me more time to build personal skills and physical skills while I worked on my social life from the outside.
    Sometimes people will talk about the difference between good pain and bad pain at a gym. It’s actually a silly idea: how can any pain be good, all of it hurts? The difference is that there is a meaning for the good pain, a purpose it serves as a process in making you stronger. The bad pain, alternatively, just hurts for no purpose.

    The same analogy applies to solitude: there is good solitude and bad solitude. The good solitude has a constructive purpose. It may still hurt occasionally, but if you know what it’s for and why it benefits you, the solitude can be enjoyable (just as some people love the pain they get from the gym). Your goal is to turn bad solitude into good solitude by defining the meaning it has for you.
    If you think there is no possible reason for your being alone, think harder. You can probably come up with many opportunities it can allow, if you try. The solitude might help you focus on another important goal you have, give you a chance to increase your independence or even just give you a better appreciation of the relationships you do have.

    4. Draft a pathway for your dreams
     There are remarkable dreams that I have it with me, many dreams ranging from being the richest man in this world to Christ like man in this world. Also there are silly ideas that live only in my dream. Most of the time when I am in deep solitude and peace I work on my dreams. I love that to the core, it brings an immense peace, happiness, fulfillment, enlighten thought and a remarkable imaginary world where I am the creator for my future. It really helps me sculpt by future that I try to follow up in reality.  Many people think dreaming is a waste of time or they don’t see it useful because it doesn’t give any monetary benefit on hand, but the benefit you attain from them in a long run is evident and profound.   
    So live and love to dream at times, but never live in dream alone that’s not the reality.

    Are You a God or Wild Beast?
    My guess is neither, but you can still enjoy solitude if you set out the right intention. Solitude may take some time and practice to master, but it can allow you to achieve an incredible sense of inner peace and calmness.

    It’s an art which is unique from person to person but it can bring an remarkable transformation to your thought, mental strength and physical strength.

    Thanks & Regards,
    S.Grace Paul Regan

    Monday, January 28, 2013

    The Driving Force!

    Recent past days I was thinking? why we need an external force (Church –Pastor) to practice god and walk his ways. Why can’t we practice ourselves? And found some answers that I believe are the reasons for why we need a driving force?
    Very simple example, most of us even being an athlete in our teen age need a personal trainer to keep us fit even though we already know what to do to keep us fit!
    It’s the simple physiology the trainer pushes us beyond our comfort zone and can get us to do much more than we thought was possible. 
    Discomfort gives comfort!

    Don’t stay on the comfort zone too long, if you are a go getter!

    When you are challenged, You can! 

    Accept positive drive, some times it may drive you crazy but still its good for you.

    Unless you decide, you cannot be driven. 

    Why do people need someone to motivate them? 

    It’s your subconscious mind! It was trained for so many years to keep you in the comfort zone always, hence it will not allow you to perform more when you can, It will not allow you to run the extra winning mile when you can, here is where we need a good trustable driving force to push our limits to increase our boundaries. It’s applicable for either spiritual or Material life.
      While it’s the same body doing the same exercises but someone is putting them in a different mindset to push its limits to go for the extra mile!
    When the external force tells us we can do it. We believe it and that belief allows us to achieve much more. But first, we need to believe the external source hence make sure you depend on a trustable source who could drive you and push you on the right direction, be aware and conscious always to make sure if you are heading on the right direction if not it will be an grave.
     This is also effective at work. We can meet tighter deadlines. We can add more features. We can build a better customer experience. We just don’t believe we can do it because it would require us to be uncomfortable.
    Get yourself comfortable being uncomfortable with EVERYTHING you are doing.
    How do you do this?
    We understand our specific role and our particular set of skills. Ask yourself: what else can we do that is a step beyond. Then choose a trustable source that can push you positively or put yourself in a situation where you are driven (sometimes whipped to do things). If you think you are pushed on the right track just go ahead as much as you can with the encouraging guidance of the external force. If the external force tells you that you can do it! Believe 100 % you can and go for it you will earn the fruit in the shortest duration of the time rather than if you have tried on your own.
    Because time is our life, every second counts.
    Push and push hard. Most people don’t want to stretch beyond their skill set if it involves risking their existing position. Encourage them to “lean in” to the opportunity and discover what else they can do beyond the status quo.
    Push your friends, Push your Spouse, Push your Kids, Push your colleague, Push your employee, Push your employer, Push your internal desire, Push your achievements towards eternity and Push everyone, but make sure you can be with their side to encourage them through their journey to stretch your helping hand to lift them up when required, if you think you cannot be along their side you do not have any authority in pushing them even if you are their parents. Here starts the brutality!
    Don’t push them too much to a limit they break apart. But keep pushing.
    Teach them in a practical way “Staying too much in the comfort zone will make you uncomfortable for your life time”; teach them till they understand what you mean. Help them set their goals higher and push them to meet it.
    The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. – Michelangelo
    Most of us, when left to our own devices, will choose to stay inside our comfort zone. However, there is nothing motivating about someone doing the same thing they’ve done before, and long term they will be unhappy. So, do them a favor, do yourself a favor, and push them where they are entirely uncomfortable, if you believe they will find their way. Sometimes unless you push (you or they) cannot believe they can.
    Now we will come to our spiritual driving force, why do we need an external driving force rather than we can practice ourselves?, it’s again the same answers we have discussed above.
    Our sub-conscious mind is trained to keep us in the most comfortable zone some time that may include living with SIN (Hatred, Jealous, Lust, Greed, Drugs, Un-trustiness, etc…) which we may feel happy about un-consciously, Our sub-conscious mind will not point us that we are living with these sin’s that may put us in a corrective path rather it will try to compromise our ethical conscious questions with their excuses for being so.
    There are exceptional persons who can walk the right way without an external driving force which can guide them to walk in the right path consciously.
    Hence it is required for a constant external driving force to help us keep on track. 
    Here is where we have to take the right decision to choose the right powerful external force. 
    As influential the force is as good it will keep you on track.
     Forces with less influence will be influenced by your subconscious mind, as it’s also a constant influential force over you.
    If you want to stay on track with your spiritual living, choose a strong driving force and believe they will help and guide you stay on track (don’t care if they don’t stay on their track, most of the Olympic gold medal winners were coached by just a national or state player’s) it’s very, very, very important in your life, because if you lose your inner sprit you will lose “Happiness-Joy” as a human which will result with negative results surrounding you.
    When you are driven and ahead of your near and dear ones act as a driving force for them, push them and guide them to achieve better goals than they thought they can.
    Now I know the true meaning of some of the below verses from the bible and the reason behind it. 
    “But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” John 14:26
    “It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed” Deuteronomy 31:8 
    “Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6
    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9
    “So we can confidently say, “The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me?” Hebrews 13:6 
    “Be strong and courageous and do it. Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed, for the Lord God, even my God, is with you. He will not leave you or forsake you” 1 Chronicles 28:20

    Thanks & Regards,
    S.Grace Paul Regan

    Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Lack of Concentration and Focus-I

    It was quite a tiresome week and failed to practice my 10 Minutes of meditation daily, but found some simple key factors that disrupt my concentration unknowingly but willingly, the main things were

    1.      Television (Remedy: I have asked the cable TV guy to disconnect the connection from this month

    2.      Face Book (Remedy: Took a resolution not to open the Face Book except when I would be in rest room)  

    3.      Lying Down Simply (Remedy: Try to schedule your day by having some new tasks to be done daily whenever I get time to lie down - Like reading self-improvement books, working and trying to improve on my preferred interest’s like photography, creativity on simple things, etc...)
    I think all the above three points are the major (Time & Concentration) looters in the whole 24hrs I have in a day. It may differ in others life but will resemble something closely to the above three which is looting your (Time & Concentration).

    Valuation of time really matters when it comes to “Concentration & Focus” Why?

    Here is what I found!

    When we start utilizing our time for aspects that doesn’t benefit us on our growth progress (unless you consciously realize what you are doing is useless), we train our “Brain-Sub-Conscious” to be idle on something which keeps us away from the reality.

    What is the reality you are in?

    1.      Have to complete my home work

    2.      Have to complete my Practical Record work

    3.      Have to complete revising the  portions before my exams

    4.      Have to learn new functionalities or modules which will help me in this new project

    5.      Have to Read documentations related to my job which will help me decide things better

    6.      Have to reduce my body weight

    7.      Have to learn new concepts

    The above are some of the examples of things which are in the reality, what requires our attention and time.

    Then why do we deviate or get distracted from all these and do things which is no way near in helping to complete any of my reality task and we do what we like to do!
    Just watching Television, Just Lying on the bed, Just Playing Video Games for hours to gather,
     just chatting with friends about useless subjects this is how your sub-conscious mind consoles
     your conscious mind using the word “JUST” and it knows very well to advocate your conscious
     mind and you have started to train your sub-conscious mind even before you were born.

    Ok now let’s concentrate on “Was Sub-Conscious mind pre-programmed with what it likes and what it dis-likes”

    To an extent YES!

    There are some likes which are pre-programmed within your sub-conscious mind which has travelled through your Gene, but none of those can influence over your conscious mind. No one knows the extent or depth of the pre-programming that is imprinted with every individual’s sub-conscious mind.

    But most of the Pre-Programming that comes with your Sub-Conscious can be over-ruled by your conscious mind through practice which will re-write the Gene that will be transferred to your offspring, if this was not a fact still we would have been “Animals” in nature.

    Now we will concentrate only on the other factor(rather than Pre-Programming) that influences our Sub-Conscious mind with the Likes and Dis-Like those are related to our productiveness.

    Some of the other factors are (Surroundings, Parents, Relations, Friends, Teacher, School, College, Company you work with, the girl you loved the most, etc…)

    Your mind will be Calm, Quiet, Peaceful, Happy and Enlighten when you are in solitude. (It’s a Proven Fact)

    Why So?

    It’s the nature of the human mind to stay happy when it’s left to do what it wants to

    When you are not in solitude, it means by some way your thought are influenced and cannot be free as it was when you were in solitude and starts to behave restricted, because you cannot be who you are? In presence of another human and you will have to behave with social responsibility all of a sudden. This social responsibility was not crafted for you which may suit your thoughts and behavior, an simple thing “If shouting loudly to the sky makes you feel happy and relieved” you cannot do that as you wish when you are at social places.

    So what happens here? Your Society puts an indirect pressure in you sub-conscious mid or in-direct image in your sub-conscious mind stating that you are free & happy only when you are alone with no human nearby.                

    Now think the way around!

    If the nature of the human mind will be happy, only when it has got a company of another human.

    When you are in solitude you cannot feel the happiness, as when you were with company. Your sub-conscious mind will behave restricted and abnormal because you cannot be who you are? As your mind seeks company to be complete and will be happy only in the presence of another human.

    This is a very basic behavior of your sub-conscious mind. Your Sub-Conscious mind gives you the happy feeling when you do things in the way it likes it!

    So here comes the fact!

    To stay happy! do whatever your sub-conscious mind loves or train your sub-conscious mind to love whatever you do!

    Here is where we have failed for so many years until now!

    From the child hood until now, no one is bothered to understand what you love! You are fed with things what others love Or They think it’s the best for you and they did not teach you, how to? Love the subjects you were thought about.

    Most of them did not know how to present a concept in the way our sub-conscious mind would have loved to understand it.

    That’s the reason some kids are bright in some subject, it’s not that they are weak in other subjects it’s because their sub-conscious mind was not interested with other subjects.

    So what does the sub-conscious mind do when it’s not interested in a concept? It just distracts our mind with the thoughts and information that we are interested with, this is called as the “Lack of Concentration”. This is what that makes you think about rain forest when you are in middle of a Math class.

    This is what is happening to me right now!

    As I don’t do much of the things my Sub-Conscious mind loves, it brings in the next least favorite unproductive things like watching TV, Browsing on the Internet and Lying down simply - even though my sub-conscious mind do not love to do all these things but it finds these least possible things to keep me engaged and make me feel better than to get engaged in any of the  “Productive” activity which my Sub-Conscious mind does not like for so many accumulated reasons that its has learnt so far.

    Hence I will have to find a way to teach my Subconscious mind to love the things that I will have to do, in order to be productive. Unless I find a positive way to train my sub-conscious mind to love the things what I have to do, all my efforts to rectify would go in vain.

    Why is this?

    As always we have a habit of associating productive work with our job or Reading any kind of books with studying,  knowingly or unknowingly!, here is where a complex illusion is created in our sub-conscious mind which depicts that whenever you do something productive even though it is not related to your Job or you read any self-improvement book even though its nothing related to any of your degree programs, your sub-conscious keeps on putting a pressure in your mind which gives a tiresome feeling and pushes you to exit what you are doing with the “comfort zone activity”.   This later on pushes us to be in the comfort zone most of the time even though you are at work!

    I have decided to abandon the above said three habits and will be testifying myself to see if these changes would really matter on my (Lack Of Concentration & Focus).

    Will keep this blog posted.

    Thanks & Regards,
    S.Grace Paul Regan